Why Chatham Care

Welcome to Chatham Care, PC

Thank you for choosing us as your provider for primary medical care. Our primary goal is to provide easily accessible quality medical care for all individuals, regardless of race, religion, sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Our staff includes a comprehensive interdisciplinary team who will consistently strive to exceed your expectations to ensure that your experience with us is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

We are a Primary Physician Care

Our approach is to communicate with our patients to provide comprehensive healthcare with a focus on prevention. We seek to properly help you manage all aspects of your health and overall well-being including emotional, family, and social concerns.

We will make it easier and comfortable for you to access care on a day-to-day basis. We hope to create a strong relationship between you and our primary care team. We seek to significantly improve your quality care.

Benefits of a Primary Care

  • We will have an ongoing relationship with you and/or family to provide preventive consultation/education and to manage your overall healthcare needs.

  • We will assist you in coordinating care with other providers, specialists, and community resources if needed.
  • We will have access to your health information through electronic records in order to effectively manage your care.
  • Your will have easy access to care through flexible appointment scheduling and various methods of communication with us (i.e. Patient Portal)

How You Can Help

  • Talk with us about any questions you may have
  • Keep in touch if further questions arise about your health
  • Take care of your health by following the plan that you've developed with us
  • Schedule appointments for lab work, testing, and specialists as needed
  • Schedule a complete physical exam/periodic health assessment at least once a year
  • Let us know how we are doing and how we can improve

Thank You For Choosing Chatham Care, PC!